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Nearly everybody that I have talked to is extremely angry at Activision; they feel betrayed and cheated because they are forcing you to buy Infinite Warfare so that you can get Modern Warfare remaster. I’ve honestly tried to join the fist-shaking trend, but I just can’t get mad.

First of all, I think the hate in the new Call of Duty game is completely unwarranted. The trailer looks bad-ass, and although it wasn’t the olden time military shooter you wished for, you are getting that with a remaster of one of the greatest shooters of all time. Oh, and also, the next Battlefield is based in World War I, so we will have variety in our shooters when both games launch. But that’s not the issue, am I right?
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You are still out for blood because you feel like Activision are giant evil corporation, and you really just want to stick it to the man. Activision is making you buy a shit game to get what you really want? Are we really that certain that Infinite Warfare is going to be that bad? I absolutely really liked Black Ops III. The only Call of Duty game that I really, really, really hated was Ghosts. We have the right to worry, since Infinity Ward was behind Ghosts and are currently at the helm of Infinite Warfare, but let’s reserve our criticism until the game launches.

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- FIFA 17 – EA Partnership with Juventus
- FIFA Points Guide for FIFA 17
- Preview: Germany v Poland
- How do you rate Fatih Terim as a coach
- Scaling the FUT Divisions: The Struggle is Real

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 Scaling the FUT Divisions: The Struggle is Real Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

One of the biggest mountains to climb in FUT every year is conquering the divisions, and in particular, winning division 1. Millions of FUT players try constantly not just to win through the divisions, but only a very skilled few have the ability to conquer all. For me personally, I have managed to get to the holy land which is division 1 in every past year since I started playing FUT in FIFA 14. However, the sheer quality of players in this league combined with the incredibly tough benchmark of 23 points out of a possibly 30 has stopped me every time. In fact, staying in division 1 is hard enough as it is. cheapest fifa 16 coins This year in FIFA I have yet again strived to make it to the top. Living in Australia, players here heavily favour divisions in this region as it is difficult to find a single match or cup match at any given time simply because there is no one else playing them. Hence, if you want to relax with a bit of FUT, divisions is the way to go. I started my divisions journey way before release day, setting myself an aim of a saving for a simple yet over-powered League 1/Brazil hybrid before release day (include link here). I decided to stick with the tried and tested methods for building teams from previous FIFAs: 41212, pace, skills and over-powered players. Having achieved this goal with money in the bank, I was ready to roll. Despite the difficulties everyone faced at the start with servers constantly dropping people from games and awarding them undeserved losses, I managed to battle through divisions 10-5 with relative ease, winning all but one of the possible trophies. cheapest fifa coins Division 4 is when it started to get tough. I soon realised that my starter team simply didn’t have the quality to keep up with strong opponent using strong teams. Having managed to barely hold, I shook things up, moving away from the wide formation to a narrow one. I was starting to see that FUT 16 favoured a packed midfield where it was easy to pass through the middle and press with a compact team. I had moderate success with 4231 and 4321 but these formations lacked a CDM who is always so important for me and my style of play: someone who can stop attacks before they become threatening and can start my own attacks to. FIFA Coins Stores Eventually I found that 41212-2 with two central midfielders was the formation for me and the ability to press with so many midfielders in the middle and pass quickly and easily was the key to my success. It wasn’t long before I had mastered division 4 and entered division 3. For more information click http://cheapestfifacoins.com/

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  How do you rate Fatih Terim as a coach Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Arda Turan: I had only played twice in the league when he first included me in the national team. He [took me on at Galatasaray] when I was 13 or 14. It is not just a player-coach relationship – we are like father and son. His daughters are my friends. His wife is someone I can call whenever I want. Fatih Terim is a special person for me. fifa 16 coins sellers He taught the Turkish people how to win. Until the 1990s, Turkish football was based on defence. They did not win so much. Everyone says Fatih Terim is a master of motivation, but his tactical skills bring that motivation. He gives such great tactical guidance that players trust him – and motivation stems from that. He has my endless thanks for every day we have together as a team. cheap fifa coins EURO2016.com: You were just 21 when you went to UEFA EURO 2008; what do you remember about Turkey's journey to the semi-finals? Arda Turan: I cannot be modest about this, because whenever I think about it I have tears in my eyes. It was an amazing tournament for us. We could have won it – we came very close. People did not believe in us when we went there but we showed everyone. We battled until the last minute in every match and for me, we were the most entertaining team to watch in the tournament. cheap fifa 17 coins My favourite moment? The winner Nihat [Kahveci] scored in the Czech Republic match [a 3-2 victory that took Turkey to the knockout phase]. As he hit the ball I was just behind him. The ball was going slightly over – you can see in the replays that I jump up slightly, willing the ball in, and then it drops. It was one of the best moments in my life. We were 2-0 down until the 75th minute, and we had to win to progress. We did it. It was beautiful. fut 17 Coins For more news about cheap fifa coins and fut coins check http://cheapestfifacoins.com/

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 Preview: Germany v Poland Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Poland are well organised, that's their biggest strength. They wait, they counterattack. That's their game, quick transitions. They are even better than Ukraine in that sense, because they are more flexible. They are one of the best counterattacking teams I have seen over the past two years. top fifa coins reviews All five matches I have had against Poland were difficult. I expect we will have more of the ball as the Polish players like to drop deep. It is important to have small, nimble players up front.best places to buy fifa coins Adam Nawałka, Poland coach Winning against Germany in the EURO qualifiers was a really important moment for the development of this team. But with our good players, such important wins would have come around sooner or later. We believe in ourselves but we face one of the best teams in the world so it is going to be very, very difficult. Every game here is a special day for us. We are proud we are here representing Poland. top fifa coins websites EURO2016.com team reporters Steffen Potter, Germany (@UEFAcomSteffenP) It is the second match, and during the Löw era the second game at a major tournament has tended to be unconvincing. The world champions were a bit wobbly at the back in beating Ukraine and they can't afford the same against Poland: a world-class forward like Robert Lewandowski would exploit similar openings. Shkodran Mustafi may have to make way for Mats Hummels and Löw is certainly hinting that Mario Götze will get the nod ahead of Mario Gomez because space will be tight.best places to buy fifa coins Piotr Koźmiński, Poland (@UEFAcomPiotrK) Poland gained not only three points against Northern Ireland, but a lot of confidence too. They will go into the game against Germany with no fear, and Lewandowski says he is "hungry" for goals. With Arkadiusz Milik, the scorer on Sunday, they should cause the Germany rearguard a lot of problems. Wojciech Szczęsny is out but Poland have great depth in the goalkeeping department. Germany are favourites yet, as Łukasz Piszczek warns, Poland are ready to spring a surprise. I predict goals! top fifa coins reviews For more news about cheap fifa coins and fut coins check http://www.topfifacoinsites.com/

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 FIFA Points Guide for FIFA 17 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

FIFA Points Guide for FIFA 17

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